CMA, Inc. provides quality representation to the voice/data/security/low voltage markets since 1994.
Professional representation serving the Illinois, Wisconsin, and Northern Indiana markets.
Eastern Wire + Conduit - - Provides high quality cable protection
products to the fiber optic and telecommunication industries.  Creators of the Protect-N-Duct
high density polythene family of products, used to protect the vital network of cables that
transfer information worldwide.
Greenlee Communications - - Industry-leading tools for
datacom, telecom, and fiber optic applications, Greenlee has the complete product line.  Choose
from a large line-up of premium installation tools, tone generators and telecommunication test
sets, network certification instruments, and fiber optic test equipment - produced and field-tested
to perform from start to finish.
Lynx Broadband - -   Television, HDTV and Cable TV on Cat 5e
or Cat 6/6A cable, Video on Cat 5e or Cat 6/6A cable, Composite Video, Stereo Audio, and
Remote Control on Cat 5e or Cat 6/6A cable.  The Lynx Television Network delivers digital
and analog television on UTP cable - without using any bandwidth on the network itself.  
Lynx products are used in hospital, hotel, military, government, corporate, and campus
Minuteman Power Technologies - - Para Systems, Inc. manufactures
the Minuteman line of power protection and power management products.  In addition to surge
protection, Minuteman also manufactures a full spectrum of single and three-phase UPS
systems that satisfy the exacting requirements of end users.  The single-phase UPS products
range in power ratings from 400VA to 24kVA and three-phase from 10kVA to 750kVA.  
Minuteman's reputation for delivering unmatched reliability allows them to offer the industry's best
warranty plans.
NITEK - - Design, development and manufacturer of high performance,
reliable CCTV transmission systems.  The Nitek IP video transmission systems for network
cameras and IP cameras over Coax and inline network and PoE repeaters, used in
conjuction with single or multi-channel mid-span PoE inserters, provide unique integration of
IP networking and communications for a broad range of applications for the security industry.  
Nitek IP network surge protectors provide protection for IP cameras and all types of
networking equipment.
"Etherstretch" IP PoE Cameras Over UTP/Coax
Southwire Electronic Products/Tappan and Signal Brands  - A leading manufacturer of low
and medium voltage cables.  Top quality products include electronic/RS232 cable, fire
alarm, sound and security, tray cable, high temperature cable, chemical resistant cable,
coaxial video cable, automotive, industrial, water blocked direct burial cable, home
automation, home theater, and card access cables.
Tii Network Technologies - - Designs, manufactures, and markets
products for the connection, protection, testing, administration and management of public and
private telecommunications lines and networks.   Provides the most complete line of main
distributing frames, connector and protector blocks, terminal blocks, and frame
administration programs for preferential assignment of cable pairs and line equipment.
CMA, Inc.
Phone:  630-357-2959
Fax:  630-357-1167
24W500 Maple Avenue, Suite 207
Naperville, IL  60540
ACTi - - End-to-end IP video surveillance solution provider.  Product offering includes
full spectrum of IP cameras, NVR's, mounting accessories, and analytic software.  Video
management systems include Access Control integration, Digital Signage control, mobile client
accessories, and Cloud Media services.  Full network integration with access control and other retail
and governmental applications.
Emcor Enclosures - - Extensive selection of cabinets,
enclosures, consoles, work stations, and power distribution units.  Product lineup
includes a range of vertical racks and cabinets, which can be configured or
modified with numerous accessories and sizes to meet your diverse needs.  Local
stock of cabinets and enclosures.
Winnie Industries - - Manufacturer of fastening supports -
Quality products, great service.  Products include J Hooks, bridle rings, grommets, D rings,
beam clamps, magnetic cable tie mounts, magnetic bridle rings, mounting magnets and
grip tape.  J Hooks are UL listed and comply with NEC and TIA requirements for structural
cabling systems.